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Blockchain technologies are transforming the financial advisory industry and changing how transactions occur, how they are recorded, and how those records are maintained.

Examine the implications, success and failure factors in blockchain driven investment options, in this self−study course that covers:

  • Cryptoasset investment options.
  • Exchanges and platforms that offer individual investment services.
  • Institutional investment trends
  • The impact that tokenization is having on the investment advisory field.
  • Follow along with use cases, in this dynamic course to see how blockchain can be implemented within financial planning services to reduce errors, increase transparency, and drive investment opportunities.

Learning Outcomes

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  • Overview of the basic concepts behind blockchain technology.
  • Use cases that illustrate the effect of blockchain on investable assets.
  • Analysis of how blockchain and cryptoassets are evolving the world of financial advisers.
  • The future of financial advisers and financial advisory firms.
  • Describe the basics of blockchain technologies and its current and future impact on the FA industry. Recall the available blockchain options.
  • Recognize the various blockchain offerings to clients and customers.
  • Recall how smart contracts, stablecoins, and other market innovations are driving investment choices in the blockchain space.


  • CPAs and other professionals with financial services clientele
  • Anyone who needs to understand the implications of blockchain technology and digital assets in the financial arena
  • Accountants with clients or within organizations that are holding, trading, or issuing digital assets
  • Financial advisers
  • Tax professionals
  • Professionals whose work involves personal financial planning