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Anyone interacting with European Union (EU) citizens must ensure their personal data is gathered legally and under strict conditions. If not, the price you pay for ignoring data privacy laws could be €20 million or 4% of your organization's global turnover. Make sure you're fully acquainted with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). From fundamentals to application, this self-study course covers the basics of GDPR.

You'll learn who is affected by this set of data protection laws, why GDPR is in force, and the types of data that require explicit consent to collect. In this course, you'll also gain insight into what to do when a security breach occurs, and get valuable tips on prevention, cybersecurity treatment plans, and the real threat of cybercrime. Your step-by-step guide to staying compliant, this course also includes: Checklists to guide you through legally requesting customer consent to use personal data and the 12 steps to GDPR compliance. A risk assessment template available for download as a takeaway for data protection impact assessments. Real-world examples that illustrate organizations who have struggled with GDPR.

Learning Outcomes

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  • Personal data and privacy protection.
  • How GDPR differs from previous laws.
  • Customer consent.
  • Cybersecurity
  • Compliance checklist
  • Impact assessment.
  • Response to breaches.


  • Identify the what, when, and who of GDPR.
  • Distinguish consumer consent.
  • Recall the data protection impact assessment.
  • Recall a 12-point checklist for GDPR compliance.
  • Recognize how the regulation affects data breaches and cyber risk.


  • Anyone interacting with European Union citizens