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Course Description

This online certificate course provides accounting and finance professionals an overview of U.S. accounting fundamentals and financial accounting and reporting principles.

Learning Outcomes

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During The Course Stareted

  • Regulatory Environment for Financial Reporting.
  • Corporate Governance.
  • The Accounting Cycle and Objectives of General Purpose Financial Statements.
  • Overview of Financial Statements - Part I
  • Overview of Financial Statements - Part II
  • Planning, Budgeting, and Performance Assessments.
  • Cost Accounting Concepts and Systems.
  • Internal Control, Ethics, and Fraud.
  • Key Principles and Financial Statement Presentation.
  • Cash, Receivables, and Inventory.
  • Other Assets, Property, Plant and Equipment, and Intangibles.
  • Liabilities and Leases.
  • Equity, Earnings Per Share, and Accounting Changes and Error Corrections.
  • Revenue Recognition.
  • Income Taxes, Interest, Compensation, and Other Income and Expense.
  • As a financial professional you have already build your expertise in IFRS; however, a proficiency in U.S. GAAP will help you thrive in a global environment. The U.S. GAAP Fundamentals for Finance
  • Professionals Certificate provides the core knowledge needed to work with company involved in the U.S. capital markets. Develop your global financial reporting fluency and set yourself apart.


  • Accounting and finance professionals who work for enterprises required to comply with U.S. GAAP or are interested in understanding U.S. accounting fundamentals.